Recent Before & After Photos

Fire damaged home in Troy

This home in Troy had a dehumidifier in the basement that caught fire and burned out without causing further fire damage. The soot damage however was very exten... READ MORE

Hurricane Work

We sent a crew to Florida to work following a hurricane. This home was damaged by the storm surge and is located very near the beach. There was approximately 12... READ MORE

Hurricane Work

This is a large home along the gulf coast of Florida that experienced the storm surge from a hurricane. This home had approximately 12" of water throughout. Thi... READ MORE

Hurricane Work

This home in Naples Florida experienced a storm surge from a hurricane. Since flood water is considered Category 3 water we followed the IICRC standard for miti... READ MORE

Helping Customers When they Feel Overwhelmed

This was in the basement of an elderly lady that could not go down into the basement. She developed a leak in a hot water line at the water heater that went und... READ MORE

Mold on basement wall

This was a vacant house that developed some mold growth. The real estate agent had a buyer and needed the mold mitigated before the sale could go through. We re... READ MORE

Hydraulic Oil on driveway in Lincoln County

This customer returned from vacation to find that a contractor working on the lot next door sprung a leak from a hydraulic hose that sprayed fluid on the drivew... READ MORE

Mold in apartment in Warren County

This apartment was under ground on 2 sides. The tenant was not running the air conditioning and the humidity became high within the unit. A Industrial Hygienist... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Lincoln County

This home in Lincoln County was on a semi-private sewer system that failed and caused sewage to enter the basement. There were several finished rooms in the bas... READ MORE

Cat 3 water intrusion

This home in Gasconade County had 12+ inches of cat 3 water throughout the basement. This water had been standing in the basement for a few weeks before the cus... READ MORE