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If This Happens To Your Home You Will Need Our Help

This home in Lincoln County experienced a fire that badly damaged the roof structure. We completely removed the damaged roof structure and a portion of the rear wall that was damaged. The home was completely exposed to the weather for a few weeks so all contents were moved out to our facility for cleaning and storage. All finish materials were removed so all that was left when we started to do the reconstruction was the framing members. All the windows and doors were replaced. This fire occurred at the end of December and the customer was able to move back in the following May. See the customer Testimonial

You Need SERVPRO if This Happens

This fire was caused by a candle that was burning in a bedroom and left unattended for a short time. As you can see major damage was done. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Hardwood Floor Drying

We use specialized equipment to dry hardwood flooring. This equipment utilizes the dry air being produced by the dehumidifier and a system of hoses and mats that draw the air up through the wood floor through the joints between the pieces of wood pulling any water and water trapped within the wood out. 

You don't want to clean this up.

This home in Troy had sewage fully affecting the basement that was 75% finished. We removed the affected materials per the IICRC S500 water standard for category 3 water damage. Cleaned and sanitized the floor and stracture and completed drying.

Soot damage in Troy

This home had a relatively small fire. The damage from the actual fire was very limited and no structural damage was done. You can see from this photo that the soot was very heavy. We did have to preform a limited amount of demolition in the basement to finish material such as flooring and drywall. If you experience this type of damage in your home we can help you get everything put back together.

Creek behind house makes unwelcomed entry

The creek behind this home made an unwelcome visit during a heavy rain in Troy and left this mess behind. This homeowner called SERVPRO of Lincoln & Warren Counties for help.

Water In Basement

Heavy rains caused some water to back up into this homeowners basement. Even though the water was minimal it still went unnoticed for a fairly long time causing mold to grow substantially. 

Broken Pipe

During winter months,  temperatures in Missouri creep down below freezing quite often. This causes pipes to become frozen easily. During an ice storm last winter, the pipes did exactly that. In this photo you can see the exact spot where the pipe had burst.

Slow Leak In Sink Causes Mold

Most homes that are occupied by the elderly tend to not be utilized in the basement as much as they could be due to immobility of the occupant. Unfortunately this leads to stories as such where slow leaks in water pipes cause drastic mold that goes unseen until a smell causes concern. 

Heat Tape Causes Major Water Damage

Heat tape that was wrapped around a pipe had melted. This caused the pipe to have a bursting effect and quickly led to the ceiling collapsing into the living room. 

Local Restaurant Suffers Large Loss

This restaurant suffered its second large loss fire in six months. Both were deemed accidental by the local fire marshal. The first time was caused by an electrical failure on their dryer and the second time was when a pile of rags with hazardous de-greasers were left in a bin together overnight. This photo is from the second fire. 

Water Leak From Upstairs Bathroom

A bathroom sink had a stopper down when a sink malfunctioned and started leaking while a family was on vacation. The water had overflowed and made its way into the floor below. 

Commercial Fire in Local Restaurant in Troy, MO

A basket of rags containing hazardous cleaning chemicals reacted with each other and began to smolder overnight at a local Troy, MO restaurant. The smoldering continued and eventually turned into a very dangerous fire. We were called to help get them back in order. 

Winter Storms

During winter monthes, an ice storm caused severe freezing temperatures causing this unoccupied home to have a pipe burst. Since no one was in the home the water ran for quite sometime until visible from the back door. 

Rainwater Damage

This photo was from a local library that had water come in through the wall during a heavy storm. Fortunately the books were not effected and the bookshelves just had to be moved in order for us to dry the effected carpet. 

Damaged Carpet From Storm

Storm water collects quickly and causes back ups in basements. In this photo the storm water had saturated through the carpet pad and needed to be removed and replaced. Because the homeowners caught this quick enough the drywall was not effected. 

Flood Damage

This photo shows the process of what happens after mild flooding in a basement. This house was for sale and unoccupied. The real estate agent was previewing the home and noticed the carpet was saturated and the home smelled musty. During a recent storm, a creek in the back yard had backup and came in through the walkout basement. The carpet had to be removed as well as two feet of drywall starting from the floor on up. 

Nursing Homes

When commercial facilities such as nursing homes or doctors offices get water or sewage damage, it is important to make sure everything is clinically clean so patients and occupants can have peace of mind that their surroundings are clean and usable. 

No Water Loss Is Too Big For SERVPRO

During a large commercial loss it can be hard to find the man power to complete the job at hand in a timely matter. However with SERVPRO we can have any number of workers on site within a short period of time! 


Unfortunately sometimes we have to tear out buckled hardwood as it is too damaged to keep or try to fix. As you can see in this photo the water damaged had seemed through to the sub-floor which required the above hardwood to be removed and replaced so the floor underneath could dry properly. 


First Signs Of Water Damage

We receive a few calls every year during winter from neighbors who have checked on vacationing neighbors homes to find strange icicles outside. They can mostly be seen from underneath the home as well as a few we have had going from the top of a deck to the ground. 

Emergency Ready Profiles Help The Process!

A commercial loss can be hectic. However, with a SERVPRO ERP we have all of your emergency information and can begin remediation and cleanup immediately. Just like this business, you can be up and running after a loss "Like it never even happened"

Restaurants Can't Wait!

When your business suffers a fire or water loss, SERVPRO knows it cannot wait. Time is money when it comes to your business and prompt service means getting your business back up and running in a short amount of time. 

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

If taken care of quickly enough, water damaged hardwood floors does not always mean a total replacement. SERVPRO has the tools to smooth back buckling of hardwood to avoid having to tear up expensive floors. 

Mold Loves Porous Materials

Porous materials such as drywall have the ability to suck up moisture to a large degree. This can happen even when the moisture source is not visibly large. A perfect example is a wet basement floor and drywall come together. The dry wall has the ability to suck up the water into itself creating perfect conditions for mold to grow. 

Mold in Basement

It is extremely important to check the basements of the elderly or someone who has difficulties navigating stairs. Even the smallest bit of water on a basement floor, even sweating concrete can cause mold. 

Effects of Mold in Vacant Homes

Mold in a vacant home can cause a lot of trouble. With no heating or air conditioning being ran in a vacant home the conditions inside become perfect for mold to grow. There is nothing running to maintain a balance which in turn allows mold to grow more easily. We work with a lot of realtors who are trying to sell vacant homes. However most interested buyers obviously will not want to purchase the house unless SERVPRO comes and evaluates the situation. After we give a detailed estimate and educate the interested buyer or realtor on the scope of work needed for the home to become livable the buyer and realtor discuss options. For some buyers a previously misused vacant home is the perfect options for purchasing and flipping for a reasonable cost. 

Help Is Here!

Intrusion of water into your home or place of business can result from storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, long standing leaks and poor humidity control. When water intrusions are not addressed right away, the resulting damage can present increased risk of harmful mold growth. Some amount of mold sports are normally present in most environments. If the humidity and moisture levels in a water damaged environment are not promptly returned to normal, mold sports may grow and multiply. organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation, provide food sources for mold to flourish. Excessive mold growth can lead to indoor environmental conditions that pose a health threat. 

SERVPRO Sees Dirt That The Naked Eye Cannot

During a fire loss we have to go through every nook and cranny in a home and clean what may not seem effected to the naked eye. However, SERVPRO knows that the aftermath and odors from a fire loss can linger on for years if not taken care of properly in the first place.

Contents Inventory

We assign a member of our crew to package items to be sent to our shop so we can clean them thoroughly. We then take pictures of every item we clean so we can mark it onto our detailed inventory list.

Proper Documentation Is Key!

Its is extremely important to constantly monitor any changes we make to a home as we go. Our specialized monitoring instruments tell us how much we still need to dry out a room and we make sure those variables are documented throughout the process.

Smoke Webs

During a fire the homeowner might notice small black web-like strings that have made there way into the corners of the home. These are called smoke webs and they occur when soot binds together and becomes airborne. Smoke webs can occur anywhere within the effected home, even if the fire was small and in the opposite part of the home.

Moisture Meters

Our meters tell us in a water or mold involved loss what the relative humidity is compared to the temperature within and outside. It also tells us the grains per pound within the air.  


Every month we give away Newslines that talk all about differently safety tools and tricks of the trade. These are what our newslines looked like way back in the day!


SERVPRO is capable of handling any size disaster! When large disasters occur throughout the United States such as the polar vortex of 2014 or Hurricane Sandy, SERVPRO of equipped with large loss teams that travel to wherever we are needed. 

Blending Area

In SERVPRO corporate they have a special mixing area designed for blending all of its chemicals. This wall shows every product that SERVPRO has to offer. SERVPRO makes all of it chemicals in house and a few are even safe enough to consume.

SERVPRO Training House

Each franchise owner is required to visit the SERVPRO training house prior to starting their business. The training house is inside SERVPRO corporate and as used as an exercise to help first time franchise owners get an example of what they will be dealing with in the field. A trashcan is set in the middle of the fully furnished home and a fire is set inside the trashcan. The fire smolders for three days before trainees arrive therefore the entire house developed severe smoke damage. Franchise owners  must clean the house and its contents to be able to continue. 

Inside The Training House

This is what the SERVPRO training house should look like after trainees have cleaned it top to bottom. As you can see it is completely furnished. The carpet gets completely replaced only about 3 times a year, which isn't too bad since this house is set on fire multiple times that year as well!