Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Broken Pipe

During winter months,  temperatures in Missouri creep down below freezing quite often. This causes pipes to become frozen easily. During an ice storm last winter, the pipes did exactly that. In this photo you can see the exact spot where the pipe had burst.

Winter Storms

During winter monthes, an ice storm caused severe freezing temperatures causing this unoccupied home to have a pipe burst. Since no one was in the home the water ran for quite sometime until visible from the back door. 

Rainwater Damage

This photo was from a local library that had water come in through the wall during a heavy storm. Fortunately the books were not effected and the bookshelves just had to be moved in order for us to dry the effected carpet. 

Damaged Carpet From Storm

Storm water collects quickly and causes back ups in basements. In this photo the storm water had saturated through the carpet pad and needed to be removed and replaced. Because the homeowners caught this quick enough the drywall was not effected. 

Flood Damage

This photo shows the process of what happens after mild flooding in a basement. This house was for sale and unoccupied. The real estate agent was previewing the home and noticed the carpet was saturated and the home smelled musty. During a recent storm, a creek in the back yard had backup and came in through the walkout basement. The carpet had to be removed as well as two feet of drywall starting from the floor on up. 


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