Water Damage Photo Gallery

Heat Tape Causes Major Water Damage

Heat tape that was wrapped around a pipe had melted. This caused the pipe to have a bursting effect and quickly led to the ceiling collapsing into the living room. 

Water Leak From Upstairs Bathroom

A bathroom sink had a stopper down when a sink malfunctioned and started leaking while a family was on vacation. The water had overflowed and made its way into the floor below. 


Unfortunately sometimes we have to tear out buckled hardwood as it is too damaged to keep or try to fix. As you can see in this photo the water damaged had seemed through to the sub-floor which required the above hardwood to be removed and replaced so the floor underneath could dry properly. 


First Signs Of Water Damage

We receive a few calls every year during winter from neighbors who have checked on vacationing neighbors homes to find strange icicles outside. They can mostly be seen from underneath the home as well as a few we have had going from the top of a deck to the ground. 

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

If taken care of quickly enough, water damaged hardwood floors does not always mean a total replacement. SERVPRO has the tools to smooth back buckling of hardwood to avoid having to tear up expensive floors. 

Moisture Meters

Our meters tell us in a water or mold involved loss what the relative humidity is compared to the temperature within and outside. It also tells us the grains per pound within the air.